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TXBITCOIN Ai is a comprehensive solution tailored for agencies and website operators, offering premium tools for content creation, social media expansion, and sales platform delivery. It facilitates the expansion of reach across platforms such as Twitch, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube, optimizing content promotion and maximizing revenue through a unified, robust token. With TXBITCOIN Ai, users can effortlessly create license-free images and content for social media, enhancing their presence and effectively engaging their target audience.

TXBITCOIN Ai is an all-in-one solution for agencies and website operators seeking top-notch tools for content creation, social media growth, and sales platform delivery. This token offers comprehensive services, including high-quality content creation and management for various social media platforms. It helps in expanding reach, developing effective marketing strategies, and organically promoting content on platforms like Twitch, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. The platform equips users with resources to enhance efficiency and seamlessly integrate into existing systems, aiming to maximize conversion rates and revenue generation. TXBITCOIN AI presents a revolutionary approach to crafting engaging content, fostering a loyal following, and maximizing revenues through a single, powerful token.



The tokenomics of TXBITCOIN AI are designed to ensure sustainable and efficient token utilization. Here are some key aspects of the tokenomics and their significance:

Participant Incentives: TXBITCOIN AI rewards active participants and users, whether through creating high-quality content, sharing on social media platforms, or engaging in platform development. This encourages engagement and loyalty.

Ecosystem Utility: The TXBITCOIN AI token has a clear use within the ecosystem, whether for accessing premium tools, purchasing services, or staking for additional benefits. This drives demand for the token.

Scalability and Security: The tokenomics aim to create a robust and scalable system while ensuring security and integrity to strengthen user trust.

The tokenomics of TXBITCOIN AI aim to establish a functional and sustainable ecosystem, offering user incentives, promoting token use, and contributing to the token’s long-term value appreciation.

Token Name

FQS coin

Ticker Symbol


Total Supply

Total Supply Team


Liquidity fee buying & selling

1% | 1%

marketing fee sales




Our roadmap for txbitcoin.me aims to provide and continuously expand a user-friendly and secure transaction platform to meet the needs of our users and deepen integration with the Bitcoin ecosystem.
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